Social Networking on Mobile Devices Skyrockets

My blog today is commentary on the article I read on the subject of accessing social media websites through mobile devices such as smart phones via applications.

Here is the link the original article:

In a study done in August by comScore, it reports that more than 72 million Americans accessed social networking sites or blogs via their mobile devices in August, a figure that represents a 37% jump from the same time last year. Well, I can certainly believe it, however I’m not part of this figure because I can’t afford one of those iPhones or Androids, but my mother spends much of her time on Facebook by accessing it through her smart phone.

The number user of aps to access social media sites has jumped up but it still hasn’t replaced the browser. Well this means as a graphic designer, I cannot ignore this phenomenon. It looks like smart phones are here to stay and in order to get our selves out there we must adapt. Aps on phone make it easier to get your blog entries, pics, videos, etc. out there in real-time. I personally like to know what’s going on in actress Eliza Dushku’s career. See you at the next Comic-Con!

Actress Eliza Dushku at Comic Con

Actress Eliza Dushku at Comic Con


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